Be Wary of Insurance Company Questionnaires After A Car Accident

Friday, June 9, 2017
Be Wary of Insurance Company Questionnaires After A Car Accident

After a car accident you will be dealing with insurance companies. These are powerful corporations who are known to use unsavory tactics in an effort to pay out the least amount possible on any claim. If you are involved in a car accident, the insurance company may send you a questionnaire.

Questionnaires about the accident are not just standard paperwork. We recommend speaking to an attorney before filling out paperwork or speaking to an insurance company.

Be Wary of Insurance Company Questionnaires After A Car Accident

The questionnaire will ask open-ended questions about the accident and associated injuries. Questions may include: "what are your specific injuries from this accident?" and "Have you lost income as a result of the injuries you sustained in this accident?" These seemingly innocuous questions are designed to garner information that can later be used against you to limit your claim.

We advise you to seek the advice of an attorney before completing a questionnaire from an insurance company. First, shortly after an accident you do not have all of the information. You will not know the scope of your injuries until you've completed all medical treatment. It will take time for you to understand the ways your injures have impacted your everyday activities. Second, completed forms become evidence in your case. The answers you provide will be used against you, even if you provided the answers before having all of the relevant information.

Filling out the form prematurely or without the advice of counsel puts you at risk of providing information that can harm your legal claim. A personal injury attorney can provide all necessary information to the insurance companies while still protecting and preserving your legal rights.

Do Not Say Anything To Insurance Adjustors

It is important to understand that insurance companies are not on your side, they are not your friend. Insurance companies and insurance adjustors are looking out for their bottom line - which means paying the least amount possible on any claim.

Do not be taken advantage of by an insurance company after an accident. Read our articles Tactics Insurance Companies Use To Take Advantage of Accident Victims and 5 Tips For Dealing With Insurance Companies After A Car Crash.

Personal Injury Attorneys are Advocates For Your Rights

We know how to protect your rights and advocate for your interests. We know how to properly value your personal injury claim. We have been dealing with insurance companies and their unsavory tactics for decades. When you hire us to represent you in your personal injury claim, you will have true advocates on your side. Unlike the insurance company, we will look out for your best interests.

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