Easing yourself Back into your Fitness Routine After an Injury

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

 Easing yourself Back into your Fitness Routine After an Injury

Keeping yourself fit and at an active weight is important to your recovery after an injury. But because your range of motion, flexibility, and simple ability to push yourself physically are impaired when you are injured, it is easy to re-injure yourself if you do not ease yourself back into your fitness regimen properly. Follow the guidelines below to make this transition safe and painless.

Follow your Doctor’s Instructions

Always talk to your doctor before starting a new exercise regimen. Your doctor can review any exercise programs you plan to start to determine if they are safe for you and give you advice about adding exercise to your regular routine. Your doctor can also make suggestions about specific exercises and modifications to your previous routine to accommodate your injury.

Take It Slowly

Do not expect to literally hit the ground running. When you are comfortable returning to the gym, bicycle path, or running trail, take it easy. Find your balance and push yourself within your comfort zone. Now is not the time to truly challenge your body.

Consider Non-Contact, Low-Intensity Workouts

When you cannot do the exercises you once loved, consider temporarily replacing them with less intense options like swimming or yoga. You might find that you really enjoy these exercises and add them to your regular routine. Even if you do not make these a permanent part of your workout, they can be a worthwhile solution for staying in shape while you recover from your injury.

Build Back Up to Where you Were Before the Injury

In addition to slowly easing back into exercising, you should start with light workouts. If you have been out of the gym for a few weeks or months, you will not be able to pick up where you left off with weights. Start with lighter weights and see what you can lift. Once you determine this as a baseline, build back up to your pre-injury strength from there.

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