Florida Theme Park Injuries: What You Need to Know

Monday, October 22, 2018

 Florida Theme Park Injuries:  What You Need to Know

Florida is a well-known and popular vacation destination for thousands of visitors each year. With its white sand beaches and temperate weather, many people come to enjoy the outdoors. What tourist and residents alike also come to experience are the world famous theme parks which can be found within the state's borders. While Florida is home to some of the most famous and magnificent parks in the world, it also has its fair share of smaller operations such as fairs and carnivals. While these places all may offer a host of thrilling rides and exciting diversions, they may also have unseen hazards. Here is what you need to know about Florida theme park injuries:

Theme Park Negligence

There are several ways in which a visitor can be injured due to negligence at a theme park such as:

· Ground Maintenance: The cause could be due to something such as the failure of staff to clean up a spill which causes someone to fall and sustain injuries or dangerous conditions such as uneven flooring or the presence of debris. There could also be unlocked gates which lead to areas which are not safe for guest.

· Operator Error and Training: A visitor could also be injured due to a poorly trained staff member failing to operate a ride or equipment safely. An operator could also be under the influence of drugs or alcohol which impairs their ability to competently run an attraction. This presents a risk to those who are using the equipment and could result in injuries.

· Poor Lighting: Dimly lit parking lots and walkways can result in someone falling due to low visibility or being the victim of robbery or assault by someone waiting in these areas.

· Machinery Problems: When equipment is not regularly tested or maintained, there is a danger that it will not function correctly. If, for instance, a ride were to malfunction due to lack of machinery care and maintenance, someone could be seriously injured.

Actions to Take Following an Amusement Park Injury

· If you are injured while at an amusement park, obtain any necessary medical attention. When you see a medical professional, be certain to collect records of about injury and treatment.

· If you are at the scene and able, you or someone with you should photograph the area and condition which caused your injury.

· If there were any eyewitnesses, get them to tell you what they saw and provide their contact information.

· Notify the park manager of the incident and ask for a copy of any reports generated in connection with what happened. Additionally, you should gather contact information from staff and management and find out if you can obtain any video footage.

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