How Does Case Settlement Work?

Monday, September 18, 2017

 How Does Case Settlement Work?

It is rare for a personal injury lawsuit to be resolved through a court’s ruling. Most cases are resolved by settling out of court. This is a preferable scenario for all parties because it is less time-consuming, less expensive, and protects the parties’ privacy.

Settling a case outside of court is not a perfect solution and in some cases, has drawbacks that make a courtroom resolution a better choice. Generally, the claimant can recover larger sums of money through a court ruling. In cases where victims are facing monumental financial damages, such as permanent severe disability, settling a case might not net a sufficient compensation package.

Settlement Follows an Offer to Pay the Claimant for His or Her Damages

A case can be settled at various points after the initial claim is filed. Sometimes, this is a very quick process – the injury victim files a personal injury claim and the insurance provider makes a fair offer for his or her damages after negotiation with the victim’s lawyer, at which point the victim accepts the offer and the case is settled. In a case like this, no lawsuit is necessary.

Parties can also settle a claim after completing the discovery process, at which point they might have enough information about each other’s positions to negotiate a deal. A settlement can occur at any point before the jury reaches a verdict, even while the jury is deliberating about the case.

Once a case is settled, the claimant waives the right to file any further legal claims against the defendant related to the accident that caused his or her specific injury.

Benefits of Settling a Personal Injury Case

The benefits to settling a personal injury case outside of court include:

  • Private settlement keeps the case out of the public eye, which can protect companies and individuals from scrutiny;

  • For the plaintiff, settlement means guaranteed compensation. If a case goes to trial, there is the chance the court could rule in the other party’s favor, leaving the plaintiff with nothing; and

  • Settling a case can end it quickly, rather than subjecting the parties involved to a drawn-out trial.

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