Senior Citizen Slip and Fall Accidents

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Senior Citizen Slip and Fall Accidents 

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, every year, millions of individuals aged 65 and older fall. Further, more than one out of four older people fall each year and one out of five of these incidents results in a serious injury such as broken bones or head trauma. Additionally, due to medical issues commonly experienced by this population, slip and fall accidents for seniors can have serious consequences.

Conditions that Make Seniors More Likely to Fall

For seniors, there are various factors which can make them more susceptible to falls such as general weakness in the lower body; balance and walking issues; medication side effects; lower body weakness; and vision problems. When seniors with these types of issues encounter uneven pavement, slippery substances on the floor, or poorly marked walkways or stairs, their chances of falling can increase dramatically. These accidents can cause broken hips and other fractures and serious injuries which, depending on the person's health and ability to recover, could lead to hospitalization, long-term care, or even death.

Common Types of Slip and Fall Accidents

When seniors slip and fall on another's property, it could be due to losing their footing after stepping across a liquid which a business has failed to clean up or tripping over debris being left where they could not see it due to poor lighting. There could also be damaged flooring or unrepaired holes which could cause someone to trip.

Premises Liability

When a person or entity owns property, they have a duty to ensure that it’s reasonably safe for others. When any visitor is injured on the property due to the owner’s negligence, they can seek to hold the owner accountable and pursue damages. This type of claim is known as "premises liability," and it applies to private business, governmental entities, and individual property owners. Generally, a property or business owner has a responsibility to keep their property in a safe condition. They must inspect for hazards and dangerous conditions and repair them. If they are aware of that something is unsafe, they have to warn people about the danger. If a senior is injured on another’s property due to negligence, they may be entitled to recover damages for their injuries.

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