Sharing time with the kids during the holidays after divorce

Sunday, February 24, 2019

 Sharing time with the kids during the holidays after divorce

When parents of minor children go through a divorce, they will end up with a parenting plan which details how they will share decision-making and time with their children. In many cases, the schedule will require parents to alternate having their children with them on major holidays. While this arrangement may seem equitable on paper, not being with your kids on these family-centered occasions can be difficult. However, there are ways to share time with your children during the holidays which can be good for everyone.

Find New Ways to Celebrate Together

After divorce, you and your children will probably miss the times you used to share when you were together as a family. One way to help deal with these feelings is to create new traditions where you can enjoy the season. For instance, you and your children could go to get hot chocolate and see holiday lights when you have time-sharing. You could also take turns picking a special place to eat dinner during this time. Whatever you choose to do, make it about being together and doing something that you can all look forward to doing each year.

Be Cooperative with the Other Parent When You Can

Although you and your former partner are divorced, how you treat one another will always impact your children. Holidays can mean having numerous family gathering, parties, and special events. If you have time-sharing during a time when your ex wants to include the children for an occasion, this may be a good time to be flexible. You may also have obligations where you need to make adjustments to the schedule. The more you and the other parent can do to accommodate each other and the children the more everyone will benefit. Additionally, when your kids see you and their other parent working together, it can help them relax and enjoy spending time with you both.

Plan Together

Depending on your children's age and maturity, you may want to include them in your holiday planning. Giving your kids an opportunity to have a voice in how they spend their time can be empowering for them and can show them that you both care about their preferences. While this level of collaboration may not be possible in every case, when parents and children can work together, it can help make the holidays more joyful and positive.

Sharing time your time with your children can be challenging but, with the right parenting plan in place, you will be able to celebrate important days and occasions together. We have experience helping clients create time-sharing plans which support the parent-child relationship and can help. Please contact us to schedule a free consultation. We invite you to learn more about our firm here.

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