Understanding Traumatic Brain Injuries

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Understanding Traumatic Brain Injuries 

When the head suffers a blunt trauma, the brain can be injured. The brain can also be injured when the head is penetrated. In both of these scenarios, the victim can suffer a traumatic brain injury.

Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) come in a variety of forms. Because the brain is critical to all body functions, a TBI can impact a victim physically, psychologically, neurologically, and cognitively. With a penetrating injury, the damage to the brain is obvious. TBIs from non-penetrating head trauma are often known as “invisible injuries” because they do not often have physical symptoms.

Traumatic Brain Injuries Vary in Severity

The severity of a TBI is measured on the Glasgow Coma Scale. By measuring a victim’s responses to certain stimuli, a physician can gauge his or her injury’s severity and make a prognosis.

A concussion is a mild type of TBI. For milder injuries, the recommended treatment is rest and doctor supervision. For more severe cases, the victim could need surgery and other forms of critical care management.

A Victim can Experience a Variety of Symptoms and Changes

A TBI can have many different short- and long-term complications. In some cases, the victim and his or her loved ones do not realize he or she was injured because the symptoms are not immediately obvious. Examples of TBI symptoms include:

Difficulty balancing and walking;

  • Loss of sensation in specific body parts;

  • Memory loss;

  • Confusion;

  • Sensitivity to light and sound;

  • Difficulty sleeping;

  • Sleeping too much;

  • Aggression;

  • Depression;

  • Irritability;

  • Impulsivity;

  • Impaired hearing or vision;

  • Muscle weakness; and

  • Difficulty focusing on tasks.

Certain Traumatic Brain Injury Complications are Permanent

An individual’s TBI complications can be permanent. They can include permanent physical disability or permanent memory loss. In some cases, the victim’s personality is never the same again. Prompt medical attention after an accident and appropriate ongoing care can reduce a victim’s likelihood of suffering from permanent TBI complications.

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