What is Loss of Companionship?

Friday, March 22, 2019

What is Loss of Companionship? 

Losing a loved one such as parent or spouse in an accident is devastating on multiple levels. In addition to the financial burdens of this terrible loss, there are severe emotional consequences. In such a situation Florida law provides that certain survivors can file a claim regarding the loss of their loved one’s companionship.

What is Loss of Companionship?

While it is difficult to summarize everything which is lost when a loved one dies, loss of companionship or consortium essentially means the experience of losing another person’s presence in your life. This refers to aspects of the relationship you have shared including love, friendship, guidance, and support. This term can also include the individual’s day-to-day contributions to the household such as property maintenance, cleaning, and childcare responsibilities.

Who can Seek Loss of Companionship?

In Florida, a spouse and a decedent’s minor children, some adult children, and certain other dependents can seek payment for the loss of their loved one’s companionship in a wrongful death claim.

The Value of Loss of Companionship

Putting a dollar amount on something as precious are your love for another person is a difficult task. Typically, someone trying to quantify companionship may provide evidence of changes to their functioning due to their loss. For instance, the surviving spouse may have missed work or experienced mental health conditions as a result of the trauma of their partner’s death. The individual may also provide information about the contributions that their lost loved one made to the household before their passing and information about the quality and length of their relationship.

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