Chris Reighard

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Chris Reighard

Orlando, FL
Phone: (407) 846-0075

Draper Law Office Administrator, Chris Reighard, started with the firm just over 34 years ago. She moved to sunny Florida from chilly Connecticut. Chris is the center of all administrative tasks and oversees the firm employees. Her job responsibilities are too long to list and her days are generally filled with chaos, but yet she leads with steady calmness. She is a true example of grace under pressure. She is loved by her clients, vendors and especially her staff.

Chris has been instrumental in creating the distinctive Draper Law Office culture of a business that treats clients like family and where employees consider each other as family. She is hands down the firm’s best problem solver and is truly invaluable. When Chris isn’t working we can usually find her camping, on a cruise, or enjoying time with her husband, Bobby, and their amazing grandchildren.

Position: Office Administrator


Linda was an exceptional lawyer. This was a divorce from (Hell) and was drug out over more than a year. My Ex's lawyer actually quit. Linda was very professional yet had a really personal touch. She actually felt like a friend through this. I really am glad I chose your law firm and would recommend you to others, especially Linda.