Bond Hearings and Bond Reduction Hearings

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Every person arrested in the State of Florida, unless arrested for a capital felony crime, has the right to be released on bond. Bond hearings are usually held very early on a criminal case.  A bond is a written guaranty or pledge that is purchased from a bonding company or insurance firm by an individual as security to guarantee some form of performance, like showing up to court. 

Bond Hearings and Bond Reduction Hearings
Often, bond hearings are requested in cases that have no bond set by statute, and they are very common in Violation of Probation cases.  In bond hearings, the judge determines if giving a bond amount is appropriate, and what is the proper amount. 

Like a final sentencing/punishments for crimes, the amount of bond to be posted can vary greatly depending on the crime.  There are also a few other factors that the court considers in setting bond, these include; the amount of evidence in the case, the community ties the defendant has (for example, if he/she has local family members, has been a resident of the area for a long time, has a long employment history, etc) and any past or present criminal history the he/she might have, including any criminal convictions, past failures to appear in court, or previous flights from prosecution.  The original setting of bond usually occurs within 24 hours of the arrest, at the First Appearance or Initial Appearance of the defendant.


If the bail is not set at the First Appearance, the accused must request a separate bond hearing.  If the bond set at First Appearance is too high, the accuse can request a bond reduction hearing.  In these hearings, the court may lower the bond amount.  The judge will take the facts into consideration and decide whether the request will be granted as well as if the conditions of release should be modified.

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