Custody (Parental Responsibility/Primary Residence)

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While many people only think of custody cases as those involved during a divorce, parental custody issues can also arise in other situations as well. Whether you are not married, married, or going through a divorce, you should know and understand your legal rights in child custody matters.
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Type of Custody in Florida

There are two types of custody in Florida – sole custody and joint custody. These custody rights are broken down into two facets: parental responsibility and residence. 
Parental responsibility refers to decision-making concerning the children – in matters regarding medical care, education, religious practices, etc. In Florida it is presumed that both parents will share parental responsibility, although the courts can award one parent sole parental responsibility in certain cases. 
The term residence refers to the address to be used for the child – where the child resides a majority of the time. The other parent usually receives reasonable rights of visitation. Florida encourages equal time sharing, in which parents share an equal amount of time with the child.  If the parents are not married, the mother is considered the sole custodial parent of the child unless the father seeks to establish his rights through paternity action in a court of law, in order to receive rights to custody and visitation as well as support.
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