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When you purchase a product or receive one as a gift, you expect it to work properly.  But sometimes injuries and even death can be caused by a defective or dangerous product.  Injuries and death can arise as a result of the products’ design, manufacture, warranties, labeling, packaging, instructions or warnings.  Examples include errors in the initial design of the product, making the entire product line unsafe, errors in manufacturing, meaning only a few of the products display problems, or false advertising, in which the marketing for the product does not provide adequate warnings or instructions, or leads the consumer to believe that it can be used for other purposes than it is supposed to, leading to injury.
Product Liability Attorney
There are different ways in which a company can be found at fault for a defective or faulty product accident.  They can be found at fault because of negligence, whether carelessness or actual malice in creating the product, for breach of warranty, for the aforementioned false advertising, or for “strict liability” which means that everyone involved in making the product is potentially liable for personal injury occurring due to the product.

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If you have been injured by a defective product, you may be entitled to compensation for your medical bills and other related expenses, as well as for lost wages.  If the injury was serious, you may also be entitled to damages for any pain and suffering you have endured, as well as for physical impairment, scarring, disfigurement, and diminished capacity for enjoyment of life that you may experience as a result of your injuries.
If a loved one dies as a result of a defective or unreasonably dangerous product, the estate and survivors may be entitled to damages for pain and suffering, as well as for loss of decedent’s companionship and loss of support and services.  You can also receive compensation for medical and funeral expenses incurred.
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