Juvenile Delinquency Cases

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Juvenile delinquency cases, like many other criminal cases, can vary greatly in type and repercussions during prosecution.  These cases involve crimes that are committed by children under the age of 18.  In the state of Florida, the State Attorneys Office may take different actions in these cases than in adult criminal cases, depending on the child’s age and the laws that were violated.

Juvenile Delinquency Cases

What Happens When Your Child Is Arrested? 

If your child has been taken into custody or arrested, he or she is generally first taken to a Juvenile Assessment Center or Juvenile Detention Center and are screened to determine  the risk that he/she may pose to the community.  Once the risk has been determined, your child may either be released to you or placed in a secure facility.  The case can either go forward court or it may be placed into a diversion program, in which your child must complete a diversion program successfully in order for the charges to be dropped. 

In extreme cases of felonies, your child’s case may be tried by the Adult Criminal Division of the Circuit Court, where he/she will receive the same punishments as an adult.

Need a Kissimmee Juvenile Criminal Defense Lawyer? 

No matter which way your child’s juvenile delinquency case goes, it is important to find a lawyer you can trust.  Whether you want to know more about your legal rights while at the Juvenile Assessment Center or want help preparing for trial before the Juvenile Court or the Adult Criminal Division of the Circuit Court, the Kissimmee lawyers at Draper Law Office can help.

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