Motion to Suppress Hearings

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By legal definition, a motion to suppress is a motion on behalf of a criminal defendant to disallow certain evidence in an upcoming trial. 

There are many different things that can be suppressed in a trial.  For example, there might be a motion to suppress a confession if the defendant signed the paperwork while he was drunk or without first being read the Miranda rights. Or, a motion to suppress might be filed if there was no probable cause for suspicion - for example, if someone was pulled over for a traffic stop with no probable cause and was later charged with a DUI, this may be brought up in a motion to suppress.

Motion to Suppress Hearings

How a Kissimmee Attorney Files Motion to Suppress 

Within the paperwork of the Motion to Suppress, your attorney will list anything that occurred before the incident (keeping with the DUI example, this would include when and where the stop occurred, and list that the driver’s pattern of driving did not affect traffic, and that the officer had no reason to believe that the stop was necessary) as well as what occurred after the incident (once pulled over the officer might have noticed that the driver smelled of alcohol, had glassy eyes, or mumbled speech, for example). 

Next, the Motion to Suppress will list any relevant laws that will help the court in throwing out the incident, or excluded in a trial.  For example, previous cases that can work as case law or laws related to the incident in question - like laws related to when it is proper for an officer to pull someone over.

If you are going on trial and think some of the information being included should not be introduce at trial, contact the Draper Law Office today.  Our criminal law attorneys can work with you to file a Motion to Suppress and make sure that only the relevant facts are included in the case. 

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