Other Felonies & Misdemeanors

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Besides the aforementioned felonies and misdemeanors, there are many other crimes which you can be charged with that would require representation of a criminal defense attorney.  These crimes include Resisting an Officer with or without Violence, Fish and Game Violations, Simple Felony or Aggravated Battery, Stalking, Aggravated Stalking, Worthless Check Charges, Kidnapping and Murder.  Like all criminal charges, these can obviously range in penalties.

Other Felonies & Misdemeanors

Resisting an Officer 

Resisting an Officer refers to any attempt to obstruct, oppose, or endeavor to prevent an officer from executing his or her duties.  There are different levels of resisting an Officer, whether it is with or without violence. 

Fish and Game Violations

Fish and Game Violations can range as well, and include not obtaining the proper permits for hunting or fishing. 

Battery Charges

Battery refers to the criminal offense of unlawful physical contact.  Simple battery refers to the touching against another that results in harmful or offensive contact.  Aggravated battery is a serious felony offense and often involves the loss of the victim’s limb, some other sort of disfigurement or the use of anything item. 

Worthless Check Charges 

Worthless check charges are filed against anyone who has issued a check fraudulently or without funds and refuse to offer restitution to the party who received the check. 

Kidnapping Charges 

Kidnapping charges are filed against an individual who has unlawfully seized and/or carried away a person by either fraud or force, or who has seized or detained a person against his or her will with the intent to carry the person away at a later time. 

Murder Charges 

Finally, murder charges range in degree, but in general refers to the killing of a human being by a sane person with intent and malice aforethought, with no legal excuse or authority.

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