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By definition, paternity is a term applied to an individual with children who is not married to the other parent. Paternity is important to establish for a variety of reasons. It provides children with a sense of identity and also may help them understand their health history – based on the histories of the mother and father. More importantly, the state has an interest in ensuring children are financially and emotionally supported.
Paternity Lawyer
If a parent receives state assistance and cares for a child, establishing paternity will ensure both parents also provide financial support. Establishing paternity also may allow a child to receive health insurance, social insurance, and even veteran’s benefits. Through an established paternity, a child may be able to prove the right to inheritance.

Establishing Paternity in Florida

There are several ways paternity can be established: through a contested court proceeding, or through a voluntary acknowledgement of parentage. If the paternity is contested, the court can order NDA tests to confirm or disestablish paternity.
Once paternity has been established, parties may choose to agree on matters such as support and time sharing.
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