Enforcing Court Orders Or Final Judgments In A FL Divorce

Listen as Florida attorney Linda Gruszynski explains what to do if your ex-spouse doesn’t comply with the court’s final divorce judgment.

When people file for divorce, the court will issue a court order or final divorce judgment with which both spouses have to comply. If one of the parties doesn’t comply with what the court ordered, you can let the judge know by filing a motion for enforcement.

With a motion for enforcement, you will set a hearing for an opportunity to explain before court what is happening. The other party will have to show up as well, and it will be their time to explain the reason of disobedience.

If the court decides the other party had the ability to comply and sets an order requiring action to be taken, the judge would likely rule in your favor. Of course, there are other factors that could affect the court's decision.

If you have to ask the court to make the other party pay for child or spousal support, for example, you can file a motion for contempt. These types of support payments are normally subject to contempt motions. If it is established that the other party had the means to pay and it just didn’t comply with the court’s orders, you might be entitled to recover attorney's fees. Watch the video to learn more.


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