My General Doctor Will Not See Me After A Car Accident

Listen as Florida attorney Michelle Incandela explains what to do if your doctor won’t see you after your involvement in a car accident in Florida.

Your generalist doctor won’t give you an appointment after they hear that your pain is related to an auto accident. This may surprise you, but it is very common, and it is not personal. Don’t be offended.

Frequently, primary care physicians do not want to handle auto accident claims, and it's not because of the type of injury. It is because of the different processes involved when handling accident claims as compared to health insurance claims.

For example, they have to bill in a way that is different than the billing process for health insurance claims. Many doctors’ offices are not equipped for this. Also, the doctors would be constantly required to send medical records to attorneys, and it would complicate their day-to-day operations. Additionally, the doctors may be required to testify in depositions or trials. Many doctors do not want trials and depositions to be part of their work.

So, you ask: “What is the solution to this problem?” You can call us. We will be happy to assist you in getting to medical professionals that deal with auto accident claims. They understand the process to follow, and they have no objection to having to provide medical records. They also understand what needs to be documented so that nothing is missed and your claim is preserved down the road. They have a good understanding of the billing procedures and are specialize in dealing with auto accidents. Watch the video to learn more.

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