What To Do Following a Dog Bite or Dog-Related Injury

Listen as Kissimmee personal injury lawyer, Michelle Incandela discusses what you should after you are bitten or injured by a dog in Florida. 

Most importantly, health and safety should come first.  Ensure that you are out of danger and in a safe place.  Additionally, seek medical attention for any injuries sustained in the attack.

You will want to get the contact information for the dog owner immediately following the incident with the dog.  Additionally, it is a good idea to seek out the vaccine records and as much relevant information as possible regarding the dog and its owner.  We recommend taking pictures of the dog and the surroundings to better help you document the event. 

Finally, you may want to report the incident to animal control or the appropriate agency in your area.  After doing so, obtain any official documents available from the agency regarding the report.  Watch the video to learn more. 

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