Dealing with False Accusations During Divorce

Monday, November 19, 2018

 Dealing with False Accusations During Divorce

Divorce can be an emotional process which encompasses everything from your finances to the custody of your children. With such personal issues at stake, it is understandable how exchanges between the parties can become intense. Unfortunately, when there is a high degree of conflict, there can be circumstances where one party may decide to make untruthful statements about the other. While hearing false accusations during your divorce can be frustrating, there are ways to deal with the situation.

Maintain Your Composure

When someone tries to publically disparage your reputation, your first instinct may be to get back at them and make them pay for this outright lie. This is an understandable reaction but, if you do not conduct yourself appropriately, you could end up hurting your case. Reacting poorly to these accusations could make you appear to be emotionally volatile and even add validity to the other person's claim. The next thing you know the opposing side will have evidence of your conduct which they can use against you in court. When falsehoods are relayed, take a deep breath, remain calm, and contact your attorney.

Remember it is a Lie

In a culture where anyone can post harmful and untruthful information on the internet about another person without consequence, it may seem that a false allegation during divorce will have the same effect. However, in a legal case, there is a significant difference between a baseless claim and what can be proven with evidence. When your former partner makes unfounded allegations the truth is your ultimate defense. The more fake charges your ex makes, the most deceptive they will appear. When you can show that the other side has intentionally made a groundless claim, they will lose credibility with the court which cannot easily be regained.

Find out the Range

When someone decides to make false allegations about you, it is critical to assess what actions he or she may have taken to perpetuate the lie. For example, if your ex is contacting your job and claiming you are having an affair with a co-worker they could harm your career. Further, telling your children false information about you is also potentially detrimental to their well-being and your parent-child relationship. These claims, although false, should not extend beyond your case. If you learn your ex is spreading untruthful information about you outside of the legal case, get your attorney involved right away.

Abuse and Neglect

A disturbing reality is that some individuals will go so far as to make bogus claims that the other party has abused them or committed abuse or neglect against their children. This may include filing false reports with the local child protective service agency to damage the other parent's reputation. These malicious tactics can result in the court having to take unnecessary measures to ensure that the allegedly injured party and their children are safe. For instance, the court may order supervised visits temporarily or grant an emergency protective order in response to these claims. However, this type of allegation can have real repercussions for the accusing party. A party who stoops so low as to deceive the court and burden the child protective system risks irreparably damaging their case. Further, If you can demonstrate that your ex intentionally fabricated these complaints, you can ask the court to punish them.

The attorneys at Draper Law Firm, have experience advising clients during high conflict divorce where false allegations have been raised and are ready to advocate for you. Please, contact us to schedule a free consultation. We invite you to learn more about our firm here.

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