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Kissimmee Alimony Lawyer

Alimony is referred to by many different names, including spousal support or maintenance. Alimony may be awarded to a spouse in a divorce when they believe that they have a need for financial assistance and the other party has an ability to pay. It can be awarded as temporary, until the final divorce hearing is held, or it can be “permanent”. “Permanent” alimony may be awarded after a long term marriage (17 years or more), a moderately long marriage with certain circumstances, or a short marriage with exceptional circumstances. It may be periodic or lump sum. If permanent alimony payments are not appropriate, durational payments might be awarded to provide economic assistance for a set period of time not to exceed the length of the marriage. The court also may award rehabilitative alimony, based upon a plan for education or training a spouse to re-enter the workforce. Contact our experienced Kissimmee alimony lawyers to learn more.

Alimony payments can be paid directly to a spouse or deducted and paid through Florida Child Support Enforcement. Also, if you have been receiving health insurance through your spouse’s employer, you may also be eligible to receive continued coverage (usually lasting eighteen months).

Contact Our Experienced Kissimmee Alimony Lawyers Today

At Draper Law Office, we are proud to serve the greater Central Florida area, with offices located in Orlando, and Kissimmee. Our alimony lawyers provide representation during the entire process, from the initial determinations of alimony in conjunction with a divorce to any modifications of alimony at a later date.

Contact our alimony attorneys today online or toll free at 866-767-4711 to learn more about your rights during a spousal support case.

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