Parent Driving Habits Influence Teen Drivers

Friday, June 7, 2019

 Parent Driving Habits Influence Teen Drivers

According to a recent news report, Liberty Mutual Insurance found in a study that when parents have poor driving habits, teen children are more likely to develop the same tendencies. Of the parents surveyed, almost half admitted to talking on their phones while driving and 37% confessed to going over the speed limit by at least ten mph. The study also found that similar percentages of parents and their teens engaged in the same unsafe driving habits such as using apps, taking selfies, and driving under the influence of alcohol and cannabis.

Helping your Teen be a Better Driver

As the study makes clear, one of the best ways to help your teen be safe on the road is by modeling safe driving habits. While it may be difficult, commit to putting down your cell phone while on the road. If your child sees you texting, looking at apps, or taking calls, he or she will believe it is okay to do so the same when driving. Another important preventative measure is talking to your kids about not using their electronic devices while driving and having frank discussions about not driving under the influence.

According to the report, 44% of teens said the main reason they use the phone while driving is to reach or respond to their parents. Additionally, 37% of teen drivers reported that their parents do not punish them for violating a driving law. Parents can help improve their teen's driving by using car and cellular phone safety features which prevent phone use while driving. Further, when parents impose real consequences for unsafe driving, teens are more likely to avoid the behavior in the future. For instance, if you catch your teen texting and driving you could take their phone and/or car away for a certain amount of time.

When parents model safer driving habits it can help their teen make better choices on the road. However, sometimes accidents are unavoidable. If you or your loved one has been involved in a motor vehicle accident, it is crucial that you consult with an experienced motor vehicle accident attorney. At the Draper Law Office, we have attorneys with experience assisting clients after a collision and can help. Please contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

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