Toxic Substances in the Workplace and at Home

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

 Toxic Substances in the Workplace and at Home

We come into contact with chemical substances every day. In many cases, these chemicals are not harmful to us and are a routine part of our daily lives. However, there are some chemicals which we can encounter in our workplaces and homes that are dangerous. By knowing which toxic chemicals are present in your workplace and at home, you can take steps to protect yourself.

Workplace Toxic Chemicals

Work environments such as a chemical plant or manufacturing facility are expected to have toxic chemicals. In these places, workers are ordinarily provided with safety gear and resources to use to protect their health. However, toxic compounds can also be found in unexpected work settings such as office buildings. For example, if your office was built before 1970, it may have been constructed with materials that contain asbestos, mercury, or lead. These materials can be disturbed during remodeling and endanger those nearby. Work surroundings may have unhealthy levels of mold and unclean ventilation systems which can distribute harmful allergens and contaminants. These and other work toxins are believed to be the possible source of a condition known as sick building syndrome (SBS). SBS is not a disease but is a group of negative health symptoms which appear connected to a building environment. This illness is possibly due to various building contaminants which may cause workers to become ill frequently and suffer a range of health problems.

Toxic Chemicals in the Home

Toxins can be found in most homes. As in the case with office environments, if your home was built before 1970, it may contain lead paint, mercury, or asbestos. All of these substances are highly toxic and require that special safety equipment to be used for their safe removal. One of the most common sources of toxic material in the home is household cleaning products. On their own, these substances can be poisonous if consumed and, in some cases, mixing them can create deadly fumes. It is critical that you ventilate any area where you are using cleaning products and that you refrain from combing products of this nature. You can also find numerous dangerous chemicals for automotive use and garden care. One particular toxin which Florida residents may come into contact with is mold. The presence of mold may be due to flooding or other water accumulations within the home and can lead to a host of medical issues for residents.

Exposure to toxic chemicals at work or home can cause numerous health problems and could be connected to chronic illnesses and even fatal conditions. If you or your loved are experiencing medical symptoms which you believe to be the result of toxin exposure you need to consult with an experienced and knowledgeable personal injury attorney who can advise you on the steps to take to protect your family’s health.

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