Drug Charges

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Like all criminal cases, there are a variety of possible drug charges that someone can be charged with. Depending on the severity of these charges, they can also carry a large variety of penalties. In general, drug charges in the state of Florida fall under three categories: drug possession, drug dealing, and drug trafficking. There are further distinctions within these categories, depending on the kind of drug and the amount of drugs that are found when the criminal case is being made.

Drug Charges

Drug Possession Charges

Drug possession crimes are the least severe of the potential drug crimes you could be charged with. There are many different types of possession that you can be charged with, including possession of cocaine, heroin, Hydrocodone, marijuana, MDMA (Ecstasy), methamphetamine, Oxycodone or Oxycotin, synthetic drugs, and Xanax. Drug possession charges can often be resolved via pretrial diversion, depending on your prior criminal history, available substance abuse treatment programs, and the nature of the charges.

Drug Dealing Charges

Drug dealing is a more serious offense and also has dramatically different penalties depending on the amount of drugs found and the type of drugs. One option during these charges is a motion to suppress, which is a viable option if the drug dealing charges came about due to police hunches, prolonged and illegal encounters, or other unreliable information. These cases can also go to trial, where pleading not guilty is always an option.

Drug Trafficking Charges

Finally, drug trafficking charges are often the most severe drug charges, and are vigorously prosecuted in the State of Florida. These charges can come with a minimum of three years in prison and $25,000 fines, with more severe consequences depending on how much drugs are found in possession of the defendant.

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