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St. Cloud Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

According to the CDC, nearly six thousand pedestrians were killed in 2017 in traffic accidents across the United States, and another 137,000 were injured seriously enough to require emergency room care. Florida is one of the top states for pedestrian accidents resulting in serious injury or death, and if you or someone that you know has been injured while out walking the knowledgeable and dedicated St. Cloud pedestrian accident lawyers at Draper Law Office are here to help. Call or contact our office today to schedule a free initial consultation of your case.

Where Do Pedestrian Accidents Happen?

Pedestrian accidents are more likely to happen in urban and suburban areas than in rural locations. They are also more likely to happen at non-intersection locations, although many pedestrians are hit in intersections by negligent drivers. Pedestrian accidents are more likely to occur at night, and the elderly over sixty-five years old as well as children under five years old are the most likely victims.

Pedestrian accidents happen for many reasons, but most often it is due to the negligence or recklessness of someone behind the wheel. Common causes cited for pedestrian accidents include the following:

  • Speeding,
  • Failing to yield the right of way,
  • Failing to obey traffic signs and signals,
  • Driving distracted,
  • Driving under the influence,
  • Failing to check for pedestrians before entering/exiting the roadway, and
  • Driving drowsy

An experienced pedestrian accident attorney can perform their own independent investigation of the case to ensure that the proper parties are held accountable for injuries caused to pedestrian victims in an accident.

Pedestrian Accident Injuries

Pedestrians have nothing to protect them in a traffic accident involving a larger vehicle, which means that the injuries sustained in a pedestrian accident are often catastrophic for victims. Even vehicles traveling at a low rate of speed can still cause devastating injuries to an unprotected pedestrian. Many injuries reported after a pedestrian accident in Florida include:

  • Traumatic brain injuries,
  • Skull fracture,
  • Facial trauma,
  • Neck injuries,
  • Spinal cord injuries,
  • Complex bone fractures,
  • Amputation injuries,
  • Crushing injuries,
  • Nerve damage,
  • Spine and back injuries,
  • Severe contusions and lacerations,
  • Internal bleeding and injuries,
  • Paralysis,
  • Coma, and
  • Death

Given the severity of many of these injuries, it is critical that victims of pedestrian accidents secure the legal services of a highly skilled personal injury attorney to ensure that they receive full compensation for their claims.

Compensation for Pedestrian Accidents

In Florida, victims of pedestrian accidents are entitled to collect both economic and noneconomic damages for their injuries. Economic damages cover all out of pocket expenses incurred by the victim, including present and future medical bills, lost wages, property damage, and the loss of future income and benefits. Noneconomic damages compensate a victim for their pain and suffering, emotional distress, disability, disfigurement, and loss of enjoyment of life. To learn more, talk to our office today.

Talk to Draper Law Office

If you or a loved one has been injured in a pedestrian accident in the St. Cloud area, the experienced and knowledgeable personal injury lawyers at Draper Law Office are here to help. Call or contact our office now to schedule a free consultation of your injury claims.

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