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DUI Victims


Fatal drunk driving accidents are down in Florida, and that’s the good news.

But if you lost a loved one to any of those 31-hundred deadly dui accidents in 2019, the decrease is small consultation.

Motor vehicle accidents are traumatizing enough, but if the at-fault driver was under the influence, there is a level of outrage that only adds to the trauma or grief.

That’s because a drunk driving accident is totally avoidable.

We know full well that an impaired driver’s reflexes and judgement are off. Getting behind the wheel is not just irresponsible, its criminal.

If you’ve been involved in an auto accident caused by a drunk driver

1) call 911 immediately. It’s important to keep that driver off the road!

2) get a license plate number and insurance information.

3) take photos in possible.

Then call an experienced personal injury legal team at the Draper Law Office.

You may be able to recover damages from the drunk driver as well as the bar, nightclub or party host that served an obviously intoxicated guest or patron.

Charlie drape and his team will zero in on all responsible parties in order to get you compensation for your injuries.

So call Draper Law Office today or visit draper law office.com Remember, in times of need, you can trust Draper Law Office.

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