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Get Medical Treatment After an Accident


If you’ve been injured in a car accident, but you aren’t sure if it’s serious enough to seek medical attention, orlando area personal injury attorney charlie draper says, it’s best to err on the side of caution.

The truth is, a crash will often get your adrenaline pumping so hard you may not even realize you are hurt…. Not to mention, some injuries don’t manifest themselves for days or even weeks after an accident.

So Charlie says get checked out- even if it’s a day or two later. And make sure to tell the doctor about all medical problems resulting from the accident.

That way, the insurance adjuster can’t try to nix your claim, just because you didn’t go to the hospital, by ambulance, the day of your accident.

Charlie calls that argument just plain silly since not everyone is hurt so badly they need a trip to the ER immediately.

Another thing is, it doesn’t take into consideration most people they have a full plate they’ve got a job they’ve got a family they got to provide for and they just hope that these aches and pains they’re experiencing at the scene are going to get better over a period of time.

Bottom line: Better safe than sorry. Go the doctor. And if you need help with your case, call Charlie Draper and Draper Law Office.

In times of need you can trust Draper Law Office.

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