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Do I Have A Good Car Accident Case?

Listen as Kissimmee car accident lawyer, Michelle Incandela explains the various factors impacting the strength of your personal injury case.

The first thing we will assess is liability, or who was at fault for the accident. To do so, we will look at the facts associated with statements, police reports and witnesses. We need to know if we can pursue a claim, and we need to be sure you are not responsible.

In Florida, we must prove the accident caused your injuries in order to recover. We look at medical history and reports to make a final determination. Florida requires a standard of permanency that showing you sustained permanent injury as a result of the accident. It is therefore important to be completely honest with your attorney regarding your injuries and complete medical history.

Another factor we will look at is insurance coverage. Does the at-fault party have insurance coverage? If not, does your policy include uninsured motorist coverage? We need to make sure there is coverage available to help compensate you for your injuries. Watch the video to learn more.

If you have additional questions regarding your claim following an automobile accident in Florida, call the Kissimmee car accident lawyers of Draper Law Offices at 407-846-0075. I welcome your call.

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