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Do I Have to Change my Name When I Get Divorced?

No. Whether you change your name after the divorce is finalized is completely up to you. Your spouse has no say in the matter, even if it was his name before you married. If you do choose to change your name after your divorce, you can include the change in your divorce settlement. This can make the process much easier than legally changing it on your own and updating all of your legal documents, such as your driver’s license and any titles in your name, piece by piece. Think about what li...

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Equitable Distribution in a Divorce

In Florida and many other states, a divorcing couple’s marital assets are divided according to the doctrine of equitable distribution . In states that do not use equitable distribution, a method known as community property is used. When property is divided according to equitable distribution, it is not necessarily divided equally between the partners. Rather, it is divided equitably, which means that each partner gets a fair cut of the marital estate according to his or her personal and fi...

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How to Talk to your Partner About Signing a Prenuptial Agreement

A prenuptial agreement, often known as a prenup, can be an intimidating concept for some. This type of document can be used to determine how a couple’s marital assets will be divided in the event of their divorce, and some people’s minds, this makes it easy to assume that a prenuptial agreement is a plan for a divorce. But a better way to think of a prenuptial agreement is to compare it to a homeowner’s insurance policy: no homeowner plans for their house to be damaged by a nat...

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What Can I Include in my Prenuptial Agreement?

Many engaged couples choose to sign prenuptial agreements before they marry. Having this type of document in place can make the divorce process more streamlined if the couple chooses to end their marriage later. It can also be used to ensure that a partner’s children from other relationships inherit part of his or her estate following his or her death. Although it can seem like an awkward concept at first, do not be afraid to discuss a prenuptial agreement with your partner. Your lawyer ca...

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Common Hotel Injuries

When you are staying at a hotel or resort, there is always the possibility that you can be injured in an accident. Many of us let our guards down while we are on vacation, which can increase our risk of being injured. Stay vigilant to stay safe, and remember that if your injury was caused by the hotel owner or manager’s negligence, you could have grounds to file a personal injury claim to seek compensation for your related damages. Below are a few common ways hotel guests can be injured. S...

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