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Smaller Cars are Not as Safe as Larger, Heavier Cars

According to a report published on , smaller cars are not as safe as larger cars. There is far more to this finding, though. The report discussed the factors used to compare vehicles side-by-side and how safety ratings from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration NHTSA and the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety IIHS do not compare across vehicle categories. It also cleared up the lingering myth that SUVs are unsafe because of the risk of rollovers. Despite this categor...

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Hands-free Devices Might Not Prevent Distracted Driving

Using a handheld device while driving is dangerous. Cell phone and tablet use while driving is so widely recognized as dangerous that many states, Florida included, have enacted laws banning text messaging while driving. Some states have even banned the use of handheld devices while driving outright. Hands-free systems, such as bluetooth headsets and software that integrates a driver’s phone into his or her vehicle to speak through the car’s speakers, are often hailed as safe alterna...

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Can Florida Parents Waive their Right to Child Support?

No. Child support is not like spousal support, which an adult has the right to waive his or her right to receive. A child cannot support him- or herself financially and even if one parent can support a child completely, that parent does not have the right to waive his or her child’s right to receive child support for any reason. Child support is a separate area of a divorce settlement from a couple’s property division and spousal maintenance agreement – in some divorces, an ind...

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Does Child Support End When my Kid Turns 18?

In the United States, age 18 is when a child is considered to become a legal adult. Because of this, many mistakenly believe that parents are only required to financially support their children until the children turn 18. For a married couple or a single parent with no child support order, this is true. But if there is a child support order in place, the paying parent is not necessarily relieved of his or her obligation on the child’s 18th birthday. If the child is still in high school whe...

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FAQs About Personal Injury

Personal injury claims can be complicated. This is why it is in your best interest to work with an experienced personal injury lawyer to pursue compensation for your damages, rather than attempting to pursue your claim on your own. When you first meet with a personal injury lawyer to discuss your claim, arrive ready to ask questions and discuss your claim specifically. Below are five common questions personal injury victims ask during these consultations. Use these to jumpstart your conv...

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Linda was an exceptional lawyer. This was a divorce from (Hell) and was drug out over more than a year. My Ex's lawyer actually quit. Linda was very professional yet had a really personal touch. She actually felt like a friend through this. I really am glad I chose your law firm and would recommend you to others, especially Linda.