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What to Think About Before You Waive Your Right to Alimony

Even under the most amicable circumstances divorce is never simple. When a couple is going through this complicated process there is always an issue regarding how each spouse will support themselves in the future. As the parties negotiate their respective positions, questions of alimony and its potential waiver are likely to be discussed. Here are some key points to consider before you waive your right to alimony: Florida Alimony In Florida, a court may grant alimony or maintenance to either par...

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Why are Second Marriages More Likely to End in Divorce than First Marriages?

It can sound disheartening, especially if you have been divorced and you are now in a new relationship, but it is the truth: an individual’s second or subsequent marriage is more likely to end in divorce than his or her first marriage. There are numerous reasons why this is the case. A few of these reasons have the same root cause: people tend to have more baggage when they enter a second marriage than they had when they entered their first marriage. They might have children from the first...

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Potential Complications of a Dog Bite

A dog bite victim does not always feel the impact of the bite immediately. Immediate effects of a dog bite include heavy bleeding, soft tissue damage, and broken bones, all of which can be physically very painful. Depending on the nature of the bite, the victim may need emergency medical attention. When this is not the case, he or she should receive first aid followed by a timely examination by a doctor. Dog bites can have long-term complications as well. These complications are not immediately ...

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Dividing Debt in your Divorce

In any divorce, the couple’s marital assets must be divided between them. For couples with relatively small marital estates and prenuptial agreements in place stating exactly how their assets are to be divided, this is a fairly straightforward process. For other couples, it can be fairly complicated. Marital debt, too, must be divided between the divorcing parties. This is the debt that the couple accrued jointly during their marriage, such as balances on their joint credit cards and outst...

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Can I File a Dog Bite Claim if my Dog was the Victim?

For many of us, our dogs are members of our families. We love our dogs like we love our children, and when our dogs are injured, we spare no expense getting them the medical care they need. But dogs are not humans and as such, do not have the same legal protections that human victims enjoy. If your dog is injured in a fight with another dog, you can seek compensation for the damages you suffer as a result. However, this is not a dog bite claim in the typical personal injury sense. Rather, it is ...

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Linda was an exceptional lawyer. This was a divorce from (Hell) and was drug out over more than a year. My Ex's lawyer actually quit. Linda was very professional yet had a really personal touch. She actually felt like a friend through this. I really am glad I chose your law firm and would recommend you to others, especially Linda.