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1 Killed After Crashing Into Kissimmee Building


Any type of car crash can be fatal, from a rear-end accident to a sideswipe crash to a collision with a building. Unfortunately, that last one was what happened to a driver in Kissimmee, causing fatal injuries.

A car crashed into a building located at Neptune Road and Broadway on the morning of October 22. The driver, the sole occupant of the vehicle, was killed in the crash. The driver was identified as a 19-year-old woman. The vehicle was totaled.

Family members arrived at the accident scene and witnesses say they were extremely upset. There was a lot of crying going on, and one woman was so grief-stricken that she nearly passed out.

The cause of the crash is unknown. The Kissimmee Police Traffic Homicide Unit is investigating the accident.

Crashes Into Buildings

It seems that car accidents involving buildings have been on the rise lately, and not just in Florida. Cities all over the country are experiencing more and more vehicles colliding with buildings. In fact, it is estimated that 100 vehicles crash into buildings every day. These accidents often involve serious injuries and deaths.

All types of buildings are at risk. Offices, restaurants, stores, and even residences have been involved in these crashes.

What is the reason for this? Studies say it is road design. Roads are primarily created to make it easier for vehicles to get from one place to another. They are designed for safety, which means that drivers and pedestrians are at risk. So are the owners of these homes and businesses.

Many of these collisions with buildings occur on wide, fast-moving roads. These roads combine the functionality of a street (allowing for people and businesses to interact) with the abilities of a road (a high-speed route between destinations). From a safety perspective, this is the worst of both worlds. These wide roads increase conflicts between humans and cars, making accidents more likely to occur. Because these roads are so wide, they encourage drivers to speed, which accounts for nearly 30% of all traffic fatalities.

Another factor is pedal error. Twenty percent of crashes involving buildings occur when a driver presses the accelerator instead of the brake pedal. While technological improvements are helpful in this regard, accidents can still occur at high rates. More can be done to improve safety, though, such as improved roads and lower speed limits.

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It’s always important to be mindful of your driving and watch out for the actions of others. That way, you can avoid crashes with buildings and other objects.

A crash with a building can be tragic, as seen in this case. Was negligence at play? If so, get the help you need from the Kissimmee auto accident lawyers at Draper Law Office. We can help you get full and fair compensation for all your damages. For a free consultation, fill out the online form or call (407) 743-6628.



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