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Common Slip and Fall Injuries

A slip and fall accident can happen almost anywhere and can result in various injuries. Depending on the situation and the health of the victim, some of these wounds can be serious. In some instances, a person who has fallen may not recognize the extent to the damage until hours, days, months, or even years after they were harmed. That is why it is important to get prompt medical attention after a slip and fall incident and to see your doctor for any pain or problems which develop after you have...

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How an Expert Witness can Help During Your Personal Injury Case

Being injured due to someone else’s negligence can abruptly and negatively affect your physical and mental health, ability to work and function, and relationships with your loved ones. In a perfect world, the responsible party and their insurer would admit their liability quickly and give you the compensation you need to recover and take care of your needs. However, in many instances, the other side will do all they can to deny their culpability and minimize your damages. Fortunately, thro...

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How Long Will my Car Accident Case Take?

Being involved in a serious car accident can make you feel like your entire world has been turned upside down. This event can cause you to miss work, lose wages, and be overwhelmed by medical bills. You may also be severely injured and facing a long road of medical treatment and rehabilitation before you can recover. It could also be that your injuries are so substantial that you may never return to the same physical condition as before. In the midst of all of this, you may also be wondering how...

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Documenting Your Injuries After a Car Accident

According to the Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicle Department FHSMVD , there were 402,385 crashes on Florida roads last year. Of those collisions, 166,612 were categorized as injury crashes and 254,310 involved injuries. Given the rate at which Florida drivers and their passengers are being hurt in car accidents, it is important to know how to document collision-related injuries. Medical Attention Someone seriously injured in a car accident needs to be seen by paramedics at the scene and ...

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Kissimmee Pedestrian Fatally Struck While Crossing Orange Blossom Trail

Just prior to the start of summer, a Kissimmee pedestrian was fatally struck by a car attempting to cross Orange Blossom Trail. Around 5:10am, 56 year-old Jose Torres of Davenport, was driving a 2014 Nissan vehicle eastbound on Orange Blossom Trail near Pleasant Hill Drive when 66 year old Kenneth Livingston of Kissimmee attempted to cross the Orange Blossom Trail using the marked crosswalk. According to Florida Highway Patrol, Torres had a green light and fatally struck Livingston as he crossed...

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Common Misconceptions About Motor Vehicle Accidents Cases

When you are involved in a car accident , the collision may only last a few seconds but the consequences can last for weeks, months, or even the rest of your life. This stressful situation can be made worse if you don't have the right information about what to expect from the other parties involved or your options. By knowing some common misconceptions about motor vehicle accidents, you can avoid being misinformed during an already challenging time. If you do not appear to be injured at the scen...

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Can I Sue After I Slip and Fall?

When you inadvertently have a bad fall, you can suffer serious injuries such as bruising, ligament damage, spinal disc impact, and even fractures. While there can be occasions when this kind of accident is the result of sheer unforeseen bad luck, there can also be instances when another party’s negligence may be the blame. Here are some considerations regarding filing suit after a slip and fall : Premises Liability When a business or person owns a property, they have a responsibility to ma...

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How can I tell if my Loved One’s Death in a Car Accident was due to Negligence?

When you lose a loved one due to a motor vehicle collision, it is shocking and emotionally devastating. In some cases, the death will be the result of a tragic and unavoidable accident. However, in other instances, your loved one may have lost their life because of another driver's negligence. Negligence Negligence for an accident can be shown when: · The person who injured the other party had a duty not to injure them; · The person did not uphold their duty; · The person’s ...

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Signs that Another Driver May be Drunk or Drugged

One of the most dangerous things we do each day is get behind the wheel of a motor vehicle. When there is a drunk or drugged driver, the risks go up for everyone. In fact, Florida law punishes someone driving under the influence of drugs to the same degree as someone driving drunk. By being able to identify the signs of a drunk or drugged driver, you can help remain safe on the road. Here are some common signs that another driver may be impaired due to drug or alcohol use: 1. When a driver is we...

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How Much is my Pain and Suffering from my Car Accident Worth?

When you are injured to someone else’s negligence during a car accident, you can have numerous financial damages such as medical expenses, property loss, and lost wages. Your pain and suffering is another basis for recovery in this situation. Because pain and suffering are specific to the individual, it can be difficult to determine the dollar amount which should be attributed to this experience. What is Pain and Suffering? Pain and suffering is a term used to describe the different types ...

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I was referred to Draper Law by my father in-law after being hit from behind in an auto accident. I didn't realize, at the time, what an important decision I was making by hiring a personal injury attorney to represent me. Charles Draper took the time to explain the process and what I could expect. His professional team was there for me every step of the way through a long, and often complicated, legal experience. I just want to express my sincerest gratitude for all the efforts that were taken by Charlie and his team on my behalf in obtaining a settlement on my case.