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Recovering from Your slip and fall injury

Experiencing a slip and fall accident can mean suffering devastating injuries which can take weeks, months, or even years to heal. Depending on the extent of your impairments, you may be restricted to a bed and have to go through various treatments and rehabilitative therapy to recover. While the process will take time, there are steps you can take to support your recuperation from your slip and fall injury. Take it Slowly Having limited mobility can be frustrating, and when you start to feel be...

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How Stressed Driving can Cause Accidents

While you may be aware of the risks of driving distractions such as texting or using a cell phone, operating a vehicle when overcome with emotion can also be a dangerous condition. When a driver is upset, his or her focus and judgment can be impaired and lead to collisions. Here are some considerations about how stressed driving can cause accidents: Stressed Driving Distractions There are several ways in which a driver can become stressed. For instance, getting into a traffic jam when you are la...

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Child Support and Your Child’s Mental Health Condition

A parent of a child with a mental health condition has the dual responsibilities of caring for their child's daily needs and making sure they get the specialized care they require. When parents in this situation divorce or are no longer together, future support will be an important issue. Child Support in Florida Florida law generally requires that both parents support their children until they turn 18 or until they graduate from high school or turn 19. However, when a child has a mental disabil...

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The Stages of Your Florida Divorce

When going through a divorce, there can be a lot of tension, uncertainty, and confusion. One way to reduce stress during this already complicated process is to understand more about what to anticipate. Here are some of the stages which you can expect during your Florida divorce: Serving or Being Served with the Petition A divorce case is initiated when one party files a Petition for Divorce. While the petitioner may include several requests such as those related to your children, property, and d...

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Digital Assets and Your Divorce

In a Florida divorce, the law focuses on making sure the couple’s marital property is divided fairly. While some marital assets are easy to value and allocate such as a car or bank account, others such as electronic assets can be more difficult. Here are some considerations regarding dividing digital assets during your divorce Marital Property Ordinarily, a couple’s marital property refers to the property that they acquired during the marriage. This includes income which is due but m...

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What to do to Protect Your Kids When You Suspect Your Ex has an Addiction

When you share time with your kids with their other parent, you can’t always know everything that happens when they are away. However, when there are signs which indicate that the other parent has an addiction, you need to take action immediate action to ensure that your children are safe. Signs of Addiction Your first suspicions that the children’s other parent has an addiction are probably going to come from comments the children make after spending time with them. For instance, if...

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Starting Over after Divorce

Divorce can be one of the most emotionally and financially devastating experiences a person can have. After the process is complete, the newly divorced person is left to recover from the pain of losing their marriage and rebuild their lives. While staring over after divorce may seem daunting, there are steps you can take to get back on your feet. Financial Adjustments Going from sharing a home and finances with your former spouse to being on your own can be a difficult change. While you may not ...

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Parental Alienation and Your Child

In an ideal world, parents would be able to work together after divorce to raise their children and support each other’s relationship. Sadly, sometimes divorce can bring out the worst in parents causing them to make bad choices when it comes to what they say to and around their kids. Over time, a parent’s comments can cause their children to become emotionally distant from or even refuse to see the other parent. When one parent tries to turn a child against the other parent, it can b...

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Divorce Issues When Your Spouse is Violent

In many cases, when one partner is physically abusive towards the other, this brutal conduct will be the reason the marriage ends in divorce. When the couple begins a divorce, this history of violence can have critical implications for both sides. Here are some considerations about divorce issues when your spouse is violent. Safety Plans Violence between spouses is often part of a cycle of abuse wherein a spouse will hurt the other, reconcile with them, and then assault them again. This pattern ...

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How to Successfully Mediate your Divorce

Most of the time someone going through a divorce will not benefit from having a long drawn out case which ends in a trial. Fortunately, mediation offers a way for even the most contentious couple to resolve their differences. Here are some steps you can take to help make your divorce mediation successful: Gather Information and Have it Organized Beforehand Mediation involves a neutral third-party, usually an attorney, working with both sides to reach an agreement on their divorce terms. The medi...

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I wanted to thank the Draper Law firm for representing me in my recent personal injury case. It was truly a pleasure and honor to work with the firm, and I had a wonderful experience working with the staff, who was very friendly and courteous throughout the entire process.
The quality of legal service more than exceeded my expectations. The attorney answered all my questions, treated me with respect, and explained every detail - every step of the way. This was important to help me understand the process. In fact, I was made to feel like "part of the family" from the very first appointment.
I would definitely recommend the staff of attorneys at Draper Law Office to anyone who is seeking legal services, as I believe they, too, will have a great experience. In addition, should I ever need services again, Draper Law Office will be my first call.
Once again, I thank you and your staff for a wonderful and seamless experience; I would like others to also learn about it so they too can benefit from such great service.