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What to do when you think your child’s step-parent is abusive

After you and your child’s other parent are no longer together, you will have a parenting plan which sets out time-sharing and decision-making. Once this plan takes effect, you will have no choice but to give up some control over what happens when the other parent is with your child. Another adjustment you may have to make is accepting that your ex’s new spouse will also be part of your child’s life. While the step-parent and step-child dynamic can work in some situations, it i...

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Demonstrating Positive Parenting

When you become a parent and form a relationship with your child, it's not usually something you would later expect to have to defend in a courtroom. However, when parents divorce or are no longer together who will have parenting time and how parental responsibility will be shared can become a fiercely contested issue. The court will examine both parents and assess their ability to provide a safe, stable, and emotionally healthy environment for their child. Here are some ways in which you can de...

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10 Mistakes to Avoid During Your Divorce

When you are going through a divorce, can feel like every aspect of your life from where you live to how you are going to support yourself is at risk. At a time like this it is a natural response to be afraid but, if you are not careful, that fear can lead you to make errors which could hurt your case. The good news is that you can avoid mistakes during your divorce. 1. Tell Your Attorney Everything Having a divorce attorney at your side is one of the best decisions you can make. With their advi...

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Divorce When Your Ex is a Narcissist

Ending a marriage can be an emotionally difficult process even under the most amicable of circumstances. However, when one of the parties to the case is a narcissist, this already painful situation can escalate to the point of becoming a living nightmare. Often, it is the opposing side’s manipulative, controlling, and cruel behavior which has driven the other person to take action to end the relationship. While it may not be easy, surviving divorce when your ex is a narcissist, is possible...

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What is a Guardian Ad Litem and How Can They Impact my Custody Case?

When parents and children share a close bond, their connection is unlike any other in their lives. Given this nearness, it is hardly surprising that child custody can be one of the most contentious matters heard by a family court. The court must consider what is best for the child when deciding how his or her relationship with each parent will be defined. When divorcing or separated parents have a high degree of conflict regarding decisions about their children, Florida law provides that the cou...

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What is considered “Reckless Driving” and how can it affect me?

A motor vehicle collision can happen in a matter of seconds and in many cases are the result of a driver's reckless actions. While many of us have heard the term "reckless driving," it can be hard to grasp what that term means. Here is what you need to know about reckless driving and how it can affect you in a motor vehicle accident. Reckless Driving Florida law defines reckless driving as the operation of a motor vehicle in a manner that demonstrates a "willful or wanton disregard for the safet...

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Senior Citizen Slip and Fall Accidents

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, every year, millions of individuals aged 65 and older fall. Further, more than one out of four older people fall each year and one out of five of these incidents results in a serious injury such as broken bones or head trauma. Additionally, due to medical issues commonly experienced by this population, slip and fall accidents for seniors can have serious consequences. Conditions that Make Seniors More Likely to Fall For seniors, there ...

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Delayed Injuries After a Car Accident

When you are involved in a motor vehicle accident, everything can happen in a matter of seconds. Drivers and their passengers seldom have time to brace for the impact and may not even see the collision coming before it occurs. Often during and directly after the accident the people involved have elevated adrenaline levels which can inhibit sensations such as pain to the point they may not know they are hurt. Additionally, it is not uncommon for some who has been through the trauma of a car accid...

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What You Need to Know About Rear End Car Accidents

Each year, millions of drivers are involved in rear-end car accidents. These types of accidents can create financial and emotional stress for those involved as well as physical injuries. Whether one or both drivers are responsible, collisions such as these can be complicated. Here is what you need to know about rear-end car accidents in Florida. Florida is a No-Fault State Florida is a no-fault insurance state which means that if you are injured after being rear-ended in an auto accident, your i...

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How do Hit and Run Victims Hold Drivers Accountable?

Being involved in a motor vehicle accident can result in property damage, serious injuries and other medical issues. When the driver responsible for the collision flees the scene, this traumatic event can become more complicated. The good news is that there are ways to help see to it that a hit and run driver is held accountable for their actions. Take Pictures and Video If you are able to move after the accident safely, use your cell phone to photograph or video record the driver and other vehi...

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I have engaged Draper Law Offices for three (3) different accidents.  My experience with this firm has been excellent each time, with positive results in my favor.  Charles Draper kept me informed throughout the process of each claim.  He was always available when ever I needed him to answer any questions.
The staff could not have been more courteous and helpful to me.  They never made me feel that I was bothering them (and I called quite a lot, believe me).  After a while they seemed like family.
I certainly would engage Draper Law Office (Charles Draper) if another problem would occur.
My recommendation to other people as to Draper Law Office would be “FIRST” on my list.
They are true and loyal to their clients.
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