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Safe Driving Tips: What You Need to Know

With its sunny weather and beautiful scenery, Florida is a great place to explore the open road. It is also a place where thousands of motorist compute and travel each day. However, although driving in Florida may be the product of necessity or a leisure activity, it is also something you need to do with care. Here is what you need to know about safe driving in Florida. Tip Number 1: Watch your speed In 2017, there were 401,993 crashes on Florida roads and over three thousand crashes with traffi...

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Florida Motorcycle Safety and Accident Prevention

You might have seen a popular bumper sticker which reads Pay attention: Motorcycles are Everywhere! When it comes to Florida roads, that statement is significant. According to a 2015 study, by the National Traffic and Safety Association NTSA , 20 percent of all motor vehicle deaths on Florida roads were on motorcycles. The report also found that Florida had the most motorcycle-related deaths in the country. The good news is there are ways to improve Florida motorcycle safety and prevent accident...

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Common Soft Tissue Injuries after a Car Accident

Being in a car accident can have devastating long-term medical consequence for those involved. Common Soft Tissue Injuries In some cases, an individual's injuries will be apparent such as broken bones, but in other cases, the damage may be less visible. In fact, it is not uncommon for people to not even be fully aware of the extent of their injuries for days or even weeks after the collision. These types of delayed wounds could be due to soft tissue damages. Here are some common soft tissue inju...

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The Dangers of Drowsy Driving

When you consider the reasons which may cause a serious motor vehicle accident thoughts of drunk or reckless driving may come to mind. However, accidents can also be caused something the driver responsible for the crash never intended or anticipated­­—drowsy driving. Here is what you need to know about the dangers of drowsy driving. What is drowsy driving? Drowsy driving, or when a driver operates their vehicle when they are too fatigued, can have serious consequences. According ...

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Child Safety Tips and Avoiding Bicycle Injuries

Riding a bicycle is not only a fun way to get around it is often a rite of passage for children as they transition to being more independent from their parents. Having the freedom to ride bikes means kids can enjoyably explore their communities. With its temperate weather, Florida offers children the opportunity to ride almost year round. With the number of children cyclist on Florida roadways, it is essential to know how to you keep kids safe and help them avoid bicycle injuries. Helmets Accord...

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Critical steps an injured automobile passenger needs to take

When you think of in a car crash being the driver of the vehicle may come to mind. However, everyday Florida passengers are involved and injured during automotive accidents. When you have been injured as a passenger in a motor vehicle collision, it is essential that you take action to protect your interest. Here are some critical steps an injured automobile passenger needs to take after their accident. Get Medical Attention If you have been seriously injured in a car accident, the first thing yo...

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Bike v. Car: Who was at fault?

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety , bicyclist account for 2% of motor vehicle accident deaths. Although this percentage may seem low, in a 2015 report, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that Florida led the nation in bicycling deaths. Additionally, despite the increasing number of cyclist on the road, many Florida cities have not improved their infrastructure to support bicycle safety. As a consequence, accidents involving bikes and cars are becoming are ...

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Determining Your Lost Wages From Personal Injury

When an individual is involved in a serious car accident or fall, they can sustain severe and debilitating injuries which prevent them from going to work. In some cases, these injuries may be temporary, and in others, the injured party may never be able to return to their former employment. When someone is injured in this manner due to some else's negligence, Florida law provides that he or she may be able to recover lost wages which occurred as a result of the accident. Here is what you need to...

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Proving Your Pain and Suffering

When you were hurt as the result of someone else’s negligence, Florida law allows you to sue for pain and suffering as part of your general damages in a personal injury case. Pain and suffering can include any mental, physical or emotional distress you experience because of your injury. However, this type of non-economic damage is not easily quantifiable. If you have been injured due to another party’s negligence, you need to understand the process of proving your pain and suffering....

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Common Florida Road Hazards

Florida roadways can be dangerous for drivers and some hazards have the potential to cause accidents which may result in serious injuries. Risks such as these can be created by factors such as weather conditions, construction, poor road maintenance, and the conduct of other drivers. Here is some important information about Florida road hazards: Drunk and Drugged Drivers It is no secret that driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol is not only illegal but highly dangerous. Thousands of pe...

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