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Monthly Archives: June 2022


What To Do After A Dog Bite

By Draper Law Office |

Dog bites happen quite frequently. Millions of people are bitten by dogs in the United States every year. They can be caused by a stray dog, a neighbor’s dog, or even your own dog. Dog bites have the potential to be catastrophic or even fatal. Young children and elderly adults are especially at risk…. Read More »

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“Drowsy Driving” In Florida Auto Accident Cases – What To Do After A Fatigued Driver Causes An Accident

By Draper Law Office |

Along with speeding and drunk driving, “drowsy driving” is one of the leading causes of auto accidents in Florida. Fatigued drivers are responsible for over 3,000 car crashes in Florida each year. These are situations in which at least one of the drivers involved was tired to the point where they lost control of… Read More »

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Common Motorcycle Accident Injuries

By Draper Law Office |

Many Florida residents enjoy riding their motorcycles on a nice day. While riding a motorcycle can be fun, it can also come with a lot of dangers. These two-wheeled vehicles require different skills to operate properly. They are different from passenger vehicles and much less safe. Motorcycle crashes are often serious due to the… Read More »

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Florida Woman Killed After Crashing Into Pole

By Draper Law Office |

Sometimes we’re in a hurry to get from place to place—and then we get stuck behind a slow car. This situation can be frustrating, but what can you do? Sometimes you are able to pass the car, but this is not allowed if there are double yellow lines. Some people ignore the lines and… Read More »

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