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Why to be Anti-Social during a Family Law Dispute or Divorce

If you are going through a family, marital, paternity or child custody dispute – or if you have even considered the possibility – it is critical that you immediately become “anti-social”. No, this does not mean you need to give up your social and sporting events with friends or stop communicating with them altogether. In fact, that type of “old fashioned” socializing often proves to be therapeutic while enduring the emotional and financial strain of a divorce or other type of litigation. The socializing I advise clients to completely refrain from is social media. Whether you appear on you-tube, link up with Linked-in, face your friends on Facebook, tweet or blog, all of the information and pictures you post is in the public domain. What this means is that all of it can, and will, be discovered by opposing counsel and used against you in Court.

Many clients ask, “What if I just let those close to me know that I’m doing well – work is going great – I have a positive outlook?” The answer is the same – “no”. Even positive statements or information which, you believe, surely must be “harmless”, can be presented by opposing counsel as evidence which is devastating to your claims. For example, pictures of your wonderful overseas vacation, to rest and rejuvenate yourself, certainly would contradict your claim that you are in need of spousal support. When you have something you simply must share, play it safe and share your news the old fashioned way – place a call to your good friend or family member.

In summary, sharing information over social media is convenient and fun. Should the time arrive when you find yourself facing divorce or other type of family law dispute, remember: you should always tell the truth, but you should not put your personal or private information out into the public domain. It could prove to be harmful to you in many ways and for many years to come.

Actually, that sounds like good advice any day of the week.

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