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Monthly Archives: November 2022


Pedestrian Killed After Exiting Vehicle

By Draper Law Office |

After a crash, there are protocols that drivers and passengers should follow to stay safe. While occupants should exit the vehicle after an accident, they should do so safely. There are likely other vehicles around, and if a person is not careful, they can get hit and killed in a subsequent car accident.  Unfortunately,… Read More »

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Causes Of Bicycle Accidents

By Draper Law Office |

Riding a bicycle is a great form of exercise. However, it can also be a dangerous way to get from Point A to Point B. Motorists are not always excited to have slow-moving bicycles on the road with them, so they may act recklessly around them. This can lead to serious crashes that cause… Read More »

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Back Injuries In A Car Accident

By Draper Law Office |

Car accidents can happen in an instant. Even though these crashes happen quickly, recovery is not always so swift and easy. A car accident can cause a variety of injuries, including back injuries. Even a minor crash can cause back injuries because the back tends to absorb most of the impact in an accident…. Read More »

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What To Know About Wrong-Way Accidents

By Draper Law Office |

In a perfect world, all drivers would travel in the right direction. They would not be going the wrong way on a busy street such as a freeway. Unfortunately, though, many drivers are negligent while on the roadways. They are not always paying attention to where they are going, This is a serious issue…. Read More »

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