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Monthly Archives: July 2023


What To Do After An Uber Accident

By Draper Law Office |

Many people use rideshare vehicles like Uber to get from place to place. This form of transportation is convenient for those who live in big cities and want to be able to party without having to worry about driving home. While ridesharing is generally safe, Uber accidents do exist. Even the safest driver can… Read More »

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When An Employer Is Liable For A Car Accident

By Draper Law Office |

If you’re driving and are hit by a UPS truck, for example, the driver is solely responsible for your damages, right? Not necessarily. Others can be held liable. For example, employers can be held responsible for car accidents caused by their workers due to a type of law called vicarious liability. Vicarious liability is… Read More »

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Car Accidents Among The Elderly

By Draper Law Office |

People are living longer nowadays. This means that they are often staying independent for longer, which can be a good thing. However, when it comes to getting behind the wheel of a vehicle, it can bring about concerns. From 2000 to 2020, the number of elderly drivers on the roadways has essentially doubled. The… Read More »

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Kissimmee Man Killed In Motorcycle Crash

By Draper Law Office |

Motorcycle crashes happen on a daily basis. While they are often caused by the rider, sometimes other motorists can be at fault as well. Sadly, this was recently the case in Osceola County. An SUV went into the same lane as a motorcycle, causing a fatal crash. The accident occurred on the evening of… Read More »

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