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Insurance Company Disputes Over How Much Money You Should Receive

Insurance Company Disputes Over How Much Money You Should ReceiveInsurance policies can sometimes be tricky. They are often long and complicated, and involve many different stipulations and clauses that are contingent on one another. Because of this, you may believe that you are entitled to a certain amount of compensation or help with your bills after an accident or illness, while the insurance company may believe you are entitled to a different amount. These arguments can drag on, causing you more financial burden as you wait to see if the insurance company is going to pay the full amount you expected.

Instances where insurance policies need to payout are common. The following are common examples of times when people seek payment from an insurance policy:

  • To cover the costs associated with a car accident, including vehicle or other property damage, medical bills, lost wages, and other expenses that can occur after an accident.
  • To cover the cost of hurricane damage.
  • To cover the cost of fire or theft.
  • Disability and health insurance coverage issues.
  • Death benefits from a life insurance policy.

Why Insurance Companies Dispute Claims

Most insurance companies are for-profit companies in the business of making money. This means they are highly incentivized to pay out the least possible amount on any claim. They are known to use high-pressure and well-honed tactics to convince injured accident victims that they have no claim, or to settle their claims for far less than they are worth.

The fact is, a fair and just settlement cannot be rushed. Before accepting a settlement offer from an insurance company you must first know the extent of your injuries. This means that either you’ve completed medical treatment for your injuries, or you have been given a diagnosis of a chronic or permanent medical condition. Once you accept a settlement offer, that is the end of your claim. If you are still receiving treatment, or you find out later that your injuries require ongoing medical care, you will not be able to recover for those expenses.

Dispute With Insurance Company

If you are in dispute with an insurance company over how much money you should receive for a claim, Draper Law Office can help. We are experienced in dealing with a variety of insurance disputes and other claims that you might have against your insurance company, and understand the technical requirements to achieving results in these cases.

We have been dealing with insurance companies and their unsavory tactics for decades. When you hire us to represent you in your claim, you will have true advocates on your side. Unlike the insurance company, we will look out for your best interests.

Put our trial team to work for you. Call our office today 866-767-4711 to schedule a free consultation.

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