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When to Hire a Kissimmee Personal Injury Attorney

Kissimmee personal injury lawyerWhen you’re injured because of someone else’s negligence, it can be a very stressful situation. Your first priority is always your medical needs, but when the bills come in, that’s when your stress doubles. People think of suing, then wonder whether they need to hire an attorney… “Can I handle this myself? If not, how much will a lawyer cost? Is it really worth it?” All completely valid questions. A personal injury lawyer can always help you, assuming you have a case, but there are certain circumstances in which you should never consider representing yourself.

Who’s At Fault Is in Dispute

If you’re injured in any kind of accident that isn’t an auto accident (for which the laws may vary), you should contact an attorney if there’s a claim you’re in any way responsible for your injury, even partly. In most states, including Florida, the degree to which you’re found at fault can significantly impact how much you’re entitled to receive in compensation, meaning a potentially significant sum of your medical costs can end up being your responsibility. A lawyer can ensure no stone is left unturned in showing how much the other party is at fault.

When it comes to a car accident, for those who live in no-fault states like Florida, this may not always matter (in other states, it matters very much). In a no-fault state, you can get certain claims paid by your own insurance regardless of who’s at fault. In no-fault states, there are typically rules about whether you can step outside the no-fault system and file a claim. In Florida, the injuries you suffer must be permanent and significant to do so. Either way, if you’re unsure, you should contact an attorney.

When Your Injuries Are Severe

If you suffer severe injuries, medical bills will start piling up fast, especially if you don’t have health insurance or are underinsured. In this case (especially if they’re permanent or will require a significant amount of time to recover), having an attorney is essential. Not only does it ensure you receive as much money as possible to offset your medical and other accident-related expenses, but severe permanent injuries open up the possibility of receiving pain and suffering, which can assist in providing for your ongoing care needs.

If Your Insurance Company Wrongfully Denied Your Claim

An insurance company denying your claim doesn’t automatically mean you have a case, but it is also in their best interest not to pay everything, and sometimes this results in denying or undervaluing a legitimate claim. They may do this by manipulating the language of the coverage agreement. Further, there are companies who regularly deny all claims unless legal action is taken. If you believe your insurance company has wrongfully denied a claim, it’s best to contact a Kissimmee injury lawyer, who can review your policy with extreme precision to determine if the denial makes sense. These companies have high-powered (and well-paid) attorneys who specialize in helping them keep money in their pocket. Personal injury lawyers specialize in the opposite.

The Other Party Lawyers Up

If the other party involved in a dispute retains legal counsel, the next call you should make should be to an attorney. Do not try to deal with a professional lawyer yourself until you do. They aren’t necessarily smarter than you, but they do know the ins and outs of the law better. Anything you say could cause a problem later, and they’ll likely railroad you in a negotiation. They aren’t trying to hurt you, it’s their job to protect their client’s interests. A lawyer can do the same for you.

You Aren’t Sure What to Do

If you have any questions at all, just call us and we would be happy to evaluate your claim. Reputable lawyers also won’t pressure you to proceed with a claim, when it is not in your best interest. Many cases can be resolved without ever going to court.

If you’ve been injured in an accident and have questions, call our Florida personal injury attorneys at Draper Law Offices at 866-767-4711 for a free, no-obligation consultation.

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