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What to do After a Slip and Fall

What to do After a Slip and FallA slip and fall accident by its very nature is not something you see coming. One minute you are walking down a sidewalk or through a store or restaurant and the next you are on the ground and in pain. It can be a frightening and confusing experience which can cause you to sustain serious, debilitating, and even permanent injuries. In a situation like this, knowing what to do after your slip and fall accident can be the difference between getting the help and compensation you need and facing an uncertain future.

Gather as Much Information from the Scene as You Can

If you are seriously injured during a slip and fall accident, do not move until you receive proper medical attention. However, if you feel you can safely get up and move, do so and try to figure out if anyone witnessed your fall. If there are bystanders, get their names and contact information and ask them what they saw happen. If you are inside a business and employees or a manager are assisting you, get their full names and contact information. Look for video cameras around the area and note their locations. Use your cellular phone or someone else’s if you do not have one, to take pictures and video of the area where you fell and your injuries. If you can, capture images of the people who were around you when you fell.

Get Medical Attention

See a doctor as soon as possible to assess your injuries. You should do this even if you believe your injuries are minor. These kinds of accidents can result in fractures and soft tissue injuries which may be difficult to detect initially but can worsen over time. If you see a physician and then have pain a few days later go back for further treatment and assessment.

Document Your Pain and Injuries

Keep a journal of your pain and the condition of your injuries daily. If you have visible bruising or other wounds, have them photographed at the time of your fall, and anytime they change in appearance. If you miss work because of your condition, keep a record of any sick leave used and days off.

Contact a Personal Injury Attorney

If you have been seriously injured during a slip and fall accident, this may be due to the negligence of another person or those operating the place where you were hurt. The law limits the time you have to act in a case such as this. An experienced personal injury attorney will be ready to assess your case, gather the right evidence, and advocate for you to get the compensation you deserve. Without counsel at your side, you run the risk of not having what you need to recover from your injuries.

We have experience helping clients after they have been injured during a slip and fall accident. Contact us online or at 866-767-4711 today to set up your free, no-obligation consultation in one of our two locations: Kissimmee, and Orlando.

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